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Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration

Valentine's Day Outfit

Get Inspired With a Valentine’s Day Outfit

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and if you are like me, it’s really just another excuse to get dressed up!

Last years’ Valentine’s was not your typical day. It fell on a Sunday, so there was a full day for plans and though I am all about taking charge with the planning, I let Drew figure things out for the afternoon. This led to axe throwing with pizza, beers and some friends; not your classic romantic date. While I wasn’t totally thrilled on the idea, we all had a great time and I ended up really enjoying myself! Following the axe throwing I had booked us a nice relaxing pedicure at Ritual to compensate of course. This was my boyfriends first (and probably only) pedicure… I’m not sure that he loved it, but I don’t think he hated it either! Following that we went for dinner at a delicious restaurant in Toronto called R&D, side note: if you haven’t been I 100% recommend you go! OK, so maybe it wasn’t that far off from your traditional V Day plans.

This year given that it falls on a Tuesday we are just going to do a nice dinner at Zee Restaurant. I for some reason left the reso’s again to Drew, and this is the place he picked; I am very excited to try! It is a seafood restaurant & oyster bar, and I LOVE both so I am really looking forward to it. We haven’t had a date night in a while, so it will be nice to spend some quality time with each other.

Whether you’re going out to dinner with your loved one, or having drinks with the girls (I have had many of those V Day’s!), it’s still fun to put together a Valentine’s Day outfit. While I don’t love the colour red, I am LOVING this blush colour everywhere right now, and I am noticing it in my closet a lot more. It’s the perfect Valentine’s shade, without looking overly festive. I’ve added in some grey shades as it pairs better with the pink than would black. The lace and silk fabrics also make your look appear more feminine which is perfect for this special occasion!



Valentine's Day Outfit

  1. UO Slip Dress  | 2. Steve Madden Bootie | 3. Cold-shoulder Blouse | 4. Lace Spaghetti tank  | 5. BP Sunglasses (under $50!) | 6. La Vie Est Belle | 7. Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick | 8. Betsy Johnson Velvet Heel | 9. J.Crew Necklace | 10. Topshop Lace Bralette | 11. Off-The-Shoulder Dress | 12. Cluse Watch | 13. Blue High Neck Dress | 14. Ted Baker Clutch

I’ve also linked some additional Valentine’s Day outfit pieces below!

What do you have planned for Valentine’s Day this year?

Carling Liski xx

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