The Teddy Coat Trend

The Teddy Coat Trend; one of the bigger (& easier) trends at the moment. If you know what the teddy coat is, then you’ll likely agree with me, and if you don’t, then you should definitely get on board. The teddy coat has to be one of the cutest and coziest coats that will take you from Fall through Winter. They’re great because you can easily wear them dressed down with jeans or your workout clothes, or dressed up with a pretty dress and boots. I loved the teddy coat trend last year, and I love it even more this year. I personally prefer the teddy coat in a classic ‘teddy colour’, but you can definitely get them in multiple fun shades now!

Shein Teddy Coat pictured above

Whether you already own one a teddy coat, or are looking to try out the teddy coat trend, I’ve rounded up a bunch of them at different price points! I find the shorter teddy coats tend to look more casual if you’re looking for more everyday wear, whereas the longer teddy coats will be easier to dress up and wear through the cold winter months.

TOPSHOP Teddy Coat pictured above

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