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  • vacation attire
    Fashion Travel

    Beachy Vacation Attire: Florida

    I love to travel, and try to get away as often as my wallet permits. One of my favourite things about trips away is the vacation attire and outfits that go…

  • Eat Lifestyle

    Avocado Toast in Toronto

    If you’ve been following me for a while now, then you know I love to eat out. If not, then now you know. For me it’s not just about the food,…

  • tartan plaid skirt

    Tartan Plaid Skirt for Winter

    Another day, another coffee… almond milk latte to be exact! One of my fav things to do is try out different coffee shops around the city (if you haven’t picked up…

  • tweed overall dress

    Tweed Overall Dress

    Happy New Year everyone; yes, I’m well aware it’s basically February. I’ve had a slow start on the blog this year, mainly due to the fact this month has been crazy…

  • Fashion

    Cozy and Cute Coats

    Is it the dead of winter? I honestly don’t know what month(s) would be considered the heart of winter. We’ve had some insanely cold weeks, that has made it feel like…

  • holiday dress sparkle

    Sparkle for your holiday parties

    Now that we’re halfway through December,  the holidays are in full swing! I personally don’t know where the time has gone, but things have been BUSY! I went to a holiday…

  • Holiday Gift Guide
    Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Travel

    Holiday Gift Guide

    We have officially arrived in Holiday Season! We just got our first big snowfall in Toronto, and I finally put up the tree, so it’s feeling a lot more like Christmas…

  • black booties

    Wardrobe Staple: Black Booties

    I have a few pieces that are staples in my wardrobe. Pieces that I think are essential to own, that are versatile, seasonal and are an easy outfit go-to. Some of…