My experience with microblading


My Before and After Experience of Microblading

Brows have become very prominent in the beauty industry over the years, and for good reason. They play a large role in our overall appearance and can really enhance and define other features on our face. Over plucked, non-existent eyebrows are a thing of the past as we see more and more services and make-up catering to just the brows, such as tinting, waxing, threading, and microblading. While I have done my fair share of waxing, threading, and colouring in my brows, microblading was something new to me that I have been seeing and hearing a lot about over the last year.

In definition, microblading, also known as eyebrow embroidery, is a form of permanent makeup that helps to provide the appearance of any missing or lacking hair in the eyebrow, which is done with hair like strokes to finely deposit cosmetic tattoo pigments. It is a very cool concept. The tattoos generally last about 1 year.

I have always had thicker brows (thankfully they grew back after my years of over-plucking in high school), so I never thought I would be a candidate for microblading. But by no means do I love my brows; they always seem a little uneven in thickness, shape and size, and I colour them in on the daily, so when I was given the opportunity to try it out at The Good Geisha I was stoked!

I had a really great experience with the microblading, but also with the tattoo shop. I think it’s soo important to do your research before letting people play around with permanent/semi-permanent things on your face. When I was checking the The Good Geisha out, I obviously went to their Instagram account and immediately noticed how great their before/after pics were, which is such a good sign. With over 10 years’ of microblading experience, they are also one of the first shops in downtown Toronto to specialize in cosmetic tattoos. The shop itself was so well kept, bright and clean, so all of these things combined made me feel super comfortable!




When I went to meet Anna about microblading, one of the tattoo specialists, the day of my appointment, I brought a few pictures with me of some brows I liked (I do this with my hair colourist and stylist as well), but I wanted to hear what she suggested given they see hundreds of different shapes, sizes and styles. We did a quick consult, and then Anna measured my eyebrows and drew an outline of what my “new” brows would look like after microblading. Just by seeing the outline I knew I would love them… it also made me realize how uneven my eyebrows actually were! After cleaning them up, she selected a couple of colours and we picked the best match. Following this, some numbing cream was applied, and this was definitely a step I appreciated, as it is a tattoo after all. Once the tattooing started I really didn’t feel too much, it was more pressure and noise than anything. The whole thing was super quick, like 15-20 mins!  When she handed me the mirror I was in love! They looked perfect in symmetry, colour, size, shape and I felt like they fit my face. Honestly, microblading my eyebrows turned out better than I could’ve imagined. I was given some post-care tattoo cream to apply 2-3 times daily, and booked in for a touch-up 6 weeks post.

It’s been just over a week since I’ve had the microblading done, and for the first few days following the procedure my brows got quite dark, mostly because the ink is so fresh and scabbing begins. It threw me off for the following two days, especially when you aren’t wearing any other face make-up, but over the course of the week they have lightened up and look extremely natural. Waking up in the morning with perfectly done brows is AMAZINGGG, and just one less thing to deal with when I’m trying to get ready.

The cost of microblading (which includes the one session plus touch up) can avg. $400-$600, but the difference it can make to your appearance, confidence, time savings, whatever, can be totally worth it.

Below are some pics of the before/after of microblading. While it may not look like a huge change, the before are slightly filled in with make-up. You’ll notice that the after are much more precise, even, and neat. As well, the vid from the Marilyn Denis show which shows more of the details of the procedure itself.

For the microblading session only start at 00:02:18. 

Video source: Marilyn Denis 

If you have any other questions about microblading let me know!

Click here for more details on The Good Geisha.

Thank you to The Good Geisha and The Marilyn Denis Show for the microblading services and partnership.

Carling Liski xx

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