Repairing Highlighted Hair with Matrix Total Results The Re-Bond

matrix total results

Ok so maybe you’ve noticed, but I’ve been recently colouring my hair a lot more than usual these days. I was feeling bored with the grown out blonde look, so I tried to colour it “brown balayage”. That unfortunately did not go as planned, so I went back to the highlights! My hair has definitely taken a beating over the last 4-5 years, and since I am always highlighting it, I feel like its taking forever to feel healthy. I am always on the hunt for hair care products to help with the damage so I will try anything!

I was recently given the opportunity to try an in-salon experience with the new Matrix Total Results Re-Bond system. While I hadn’t heard about this Total Results Re-Bond line, I knew Matrix as a high-end, well-respected salon brand, so I was excited to try!

matrix total results

When introduced to the Matrix Total Results line, I could tell that it was a very results driven line. It has a few different segments, Re-Bond being one of them, which focus on different hair concerns. The Total Results Re-Bond 3-step system is designed to basically make your hair strong and healthy. It focuses on repairing damaged hair specifically due to highlighting and colouring… aka perfect for me!

During my salon experience with Matrix artist, Conor, we used the full 3-step Re-Bond routine. The routine included 1) Re-Bond Shampoo, 2) Re-Bond Pre-Conditioner, 3) Re-Bond Conditioner. We started with of course step #1; Re-Bond Shampoo. He did a double cleanse… apparently this is a thing I need to start doing!? The shampoo is basically there to cleanse away dirt, and prime the hair for step #2. Following the shampoo, he used the Re-bond Pre-Conditioner. It was left on the hair for about 5 minutes. I personally use hair masks at home, so I love to try these sorts of products! Although it’s step #2, it’s only meant to be used once a week to re-connect and re-inforce the hair’s weakened bonds. After 5 mins, instead of washing out (like I done with other masks), he actually layered on step #3; Re-Bond Conditioner. This step is to seal in moisture and protect your strands.

matrix total results

matrix total results

Immediately after rinsing out the products and lightly towel drying, I could already feel a difference after the one-time use; I couldn’t believe how soft and smooth my hair felt! Again, I’ve tried a lot of reparative products and it can often feel heavy, but I didn’t get that same feeling. Since we were doing a style, I opted for ‘beachy waves’. Given this is my go-to hairstyle at home, I thought this would be a good test of how the product would fit into my day-to-day hair styling. While Conor was blowing out and styling my hair, he used a Matrix Style Link product for quicker drying; Turbo Dry. I have thick micro-bead hair extensions, and my hair is naturally on the frizzy side, so this was a perfect product to speed up drying time while taming fly aways.

Once my style was complete I loved how it looked and felt! It was bouncy and light, yet soft and smooth. It felt like it had just had a ton of moisture added to it and my usual rough texture was gone. Not only is the Total Results Re-Bond system super easy to use, it’s also so affordable and it clearly does make a difference. I have continued to use the products at home, along with the Matrix Style Link pieces for styling and am excited to continue to see a difference!

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matrix total results

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