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Carling Liski

Through Her Style By Carling Liski 

Hi! I’m Carling Liski. Thanks for stopping by Through Her Style.

I started this blog to share my personal love for styling, beauty, travel and life.

I’ve had a passion for Fashion for as long as I can remember. In elementary school my favourite time of the year was the first week of classes when I got to show off my new outfits that I had been planning for weeks. Of course my favourite fashion season has always been Fall, so I would be so upset when it was still 30 degrees (86 F) and I couldn’t wear my new vest and boots. Over the years, this love has only grown stronger and to this day styling outfits and ‘back to Fall’ shopping is still a favourite pastime (and I 100% credit this to my mom!).

Inevitably with Fashion, comes Beauty and I am fortunate to be working in the industry (for almost 5 years now!) with major beauty companies, one being L’Oreal. It’s an easy world to quickly become fascinated with and I’ve become the skin and beauty guru amongst my friends and family.

I currently am residing in Toronto, Canada, a city that I did not grow up in, but one that I am happy to now call home. There are a lot of great things about this city from the food, shopping, cafe’s and nightlife and I spend a lot of my time checking off the list of amazing restaurants, a list that always seems to continue to grow! When I’m not in Toronto, I am everywhere else. I LOVE to travel, experience new fashion, food, cultures and meet new people. Even when I am on a current trip, I am always planning the next one!

SO I want you to join me in living life Through Her Style!

Carling Liski x