My Favourite Fitness Classes in Toronto

If you follow me on IG, then you have seen that I post a lot about my workouts. While I love fashion, eating and drinking wine, I have a big passion for health and fitness and working out just makes me feel good! I do try to workout 5-6 times a week, it’s like a stress reliever, and a time where I am disconnected from my phone/work/every other distraction. I’m also a person that needs to workout in the morning, because if I don’t then I’ll think of all the excuses not to go later in the day.

For my workouts, I prefer to go to fitness classes vs. the gym. I grew up dancing, and playing soccer, so I like being in a group setting and almost being told what to do. I find I workout SO much harder if I’m in a class because I don’t need to think and it’s 45-60 minutes to it give it my all. I’ve been using Classpass for years now, it’s an app/website that gives you access to multiple studios around the city (check if your city has it). To be honest, it was SO good in the past when I first started on it and it gave unlimited access to studios, but now they use a point system. I’ve kept it since it does have some classes I still go to on there, and it’s great for traveling because you can switch it over to other cities as well. On top of Classpass, I purchase passes to other studios that I’ve fallen in love with.

Here’s a round-up of my favourite fitness classes in Toronto (in no particular order):

  • Ride Cycle Club – if you’re looking for a killer spin class, this is it. I’ve never loved spinning, but Ride has totally changed that. It’s intense, dark, and gritty and  almost has a cult-like feeling. This is a choreographed spin studio, but you’ll get your sweat on. I love it.


  • Studio Lagree – probably my favourite class to go to and I’ve been going for years. This reformer pilates is unlike any other pilates/reformer pilates, and you will definitely feel it the next day. It’s loud, energizing music, and you’ll be doing moves you had no idea you could do. Amazing for your core! On Classpass.


  • Studio KO – next door to Studio Lagree, is my favourite boxing studio. It’s 45 minutes, and I’m drenched within the first 5 minutes. It’s a circuit style class that incorporates boxing combos and cross-training exercises. Incredible cardio and conditioning workout. On Classpass.


  • 6ix Cycle – a  spin class I go to through Classpass. Another choreographed spin studio, that you’ll get your sweat on but less intense than Ride. They do fun post-workout things, such as on Fridays after Adam’s 9:30 am class you get donuts and coffee! On Classpass.


  • Barry’s Bootcamp – another hard fitness class where half the class you are on the treadmills (mainly sprinting), and the other half you’re on the floor with heavy weights. I haven’t been able to run as of late, so they have DF (double-floor) options that you can sign up to, and I do weights the entire class. I don’t do a ton of weight training, so this is a great way to get it in.


  • Core Studio a more traditional pilates studio (I only do their reformer classes). I go here if I’m feeling ‘lazy’ and I don’t want to drip sweat like the other classes. It’s surprises me though every time when I am sore during and after this class. On Classpass.


  • Track Fitness – so many class options at this place. My go-to’s are Core X, Bootcamp, or Ripped 60. You’re guaranteed to get a good workout and feel the burn the next day. Core X in particular is one of the most unique fitness classes I’ve been to and focuses on strength and cardio, while incorporating your core into everything – made me realize I have terrible grip strength! On Classpass.


  • Pure Barre – my favourite barre class I’ve tried in the city. Low impact on the body, but I always get a good burn during and after. I’ve only done their traditional classes, but need to try some of the new ones they’ve recently introduced. On Classpass.


Have you tried any of these in Toronto? Or do you have a favourite studio or instructor? Let me know!

Carling xx

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