My favourite Summer sunglasses

favourite sunglasses

Sharing my Favourite Sunglasses for Summer

I have this thing for sunglasses; it’s no doubt that I am wearing sunglasses in a majority of my posts on the Through Her Style site and instagram page. Now that we’re heading into the Summer months, you’ll likely be seeing more of it! I currently own between 10-12 pairs (I say currently, because I’ve sadly lost more than that over the years), and they’re one of my favourite accessories to buy. The reasons I love them so much is because they can totally change the look of an outfit, act as a substitute for make-up, and they can also be such a statement piece!

While I have a few favourite sunglasses that I consider a designer investment, such as my Celines, Pradas and a few Raybans, the majority of them are in the $10-$20 range, which are perfect to throw into your purse or keep in the car. I generally stick to particular sunglasses styles, my favourites being round, aviator, mirrored and cat eye.

Given we’re going into Summer it’s the perfect excuse to add to the sunglasses collection. I am sharing some of favourite sunglasses for Summer at all price points, and shapes.


Round sunglasses are one of my fav styles. I’ve recently been into the smaller round frames, but definitely have had my share of the large oversized round frames.


Aviator sunglasses always make their way into my collection. I think they always look cool, and are such an easy and classic style to wear.


I love the retro feel that cat eye sunglasses give. They always make an outfit look instantly trendier and posh.


Mirrored sunglasses are a mix of sporty and cool. I have been loving the look of these, especially when paired with a simpler outfit. I wore these a lot over the Winter, but they would also be great on the beach!


I love tortoise shell sunglasses! I find these are the easiest to pair with any outfit because they’re so neutral. Plus the coloring looks great on anyone, especially if you have fairer skin and hair – less harsh than black.

I hope this gives you some inspo for your Summer sunglasses collection!

Happy weekend!

Carling Liski xx

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