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My 3 Favourite Anti-Aging Products

Ok, so while I do love fashion (it literally is my passion) many of you probably don’t know that I work full time in the skin health (aka skincare) industry. I have always obsessed over skincare; I grew up with…

Holiday Gift Guide
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Holiday Gift Guide

We have officially arrived in Holiday Season! We just got our first big snowfall in Toronto, and I finally put up the tree, so it’s feeling a lot more like Christmas here. If you’re anything like me, you’ve procrastinated…

brighten blonde highlights

Brighten Blonde Highlights At Home

Brighten blonde highlights at home with KLORANE Blond Highlights  One of the things I get most complimented on is my hair. This is still surprising to me, because it’s not something I have admired much over the past 5…

Micro bead hair extensions

Micro Bead Hair Extensions

Sharing my experience with Micro Bead Hair Extensions For those that caught my “Beach Vacation Prep” post in March, you’ll have read that I had just tried micro bead hair extensions for the first time. Micro bead hair extensions are…

vacation prep
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Beach Vacation Prep

Get Holiday Ready With Beach Vacation Prep I liiive for vacation. Just love it. I’ve been in Hawaii for almost two weeks now spending the days in a bikini on the beach drinking far too many pina coladas (and…


My experience with microblading

My Before and After Experience of Microblading Brows have become very prominent in the beauty industry over the years, and for good reason. They play a large role in our overall appearance and can really enhance and define other…

Valentine's Day Outfit
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Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration

Get Inspired With a Valentine’s Day Outfit Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and if you are like me, it’s really just another excuse to get dressed up! Last years’ Valentine’s was not your typical day. It fell on…


Flawless in 15 Beauty Routine

2 days until it’s Christmas! Where has December gone?! I love this time of the year, with the countless parties and gatherings taking place, it’s the perfect excuse to get dressed up in a new sparkly dress, or shoes.…