Brighten Blonde Highlights At Home

brighten blonde highlights
Brighten blonde highlights at home with KLORANE Blond Highlights 

One of the things I get most complimented on is my hair. This is still surprising to me, because it’s not something I have admired much over the past 5 years, mainly because of how unhealthy it has been. That being said, I have definitely been working on bringing health back to it over the years, so I’m happy that there have been some noticeable changes!

Talking about hair health, we all know that highlighting our hair does not aid with that, and I’m sure you’ve also noticed that my hair is not naturally blonde, but until further notice I will continue to highlight my hair! Like many natural brunettes, the hardest thing about going that blonde (or blonder) route is the constant upkeep; roots growing out is one thing, but the brassiness and dullness is another! Although you can easily brighten blonde highlights at the hairdressers, I try to avoid going too frequently because it’s 1) expensive and 2) kills my hair. Instead, I opt for hair products that can brighten blonde highlights at home in between trips to the salon.

brighten blonde highlights

I have recently been using KLORANE’s Blond Highlights hair products designed of course to brighten blonde highlights, and have been loving it. There are three products from the line:

  1. Klorane Blond Highlights Shampoo with Chamomile
  2. Klorane Blond Highlights Conditioner with Chamomile
  3. Klorane Blond Highlights Sun Lightening Spray with Chamomile and Honey 

brighten blonde highlights

My personal fav of the three is the sun lightening spray, and I have been using it almost every time I wash my hair. I will spray it first on towel dried hair, and then give my highlights one more spritz after I have blow dried it. Definitely not necessary to use twice in one go, but I love the effect it has on brightening my blonde highlights, but also brings shine to my hair. Because it gets gradually lighter the more you use it, it’s perfect for in between hair colouring sessions, when I am seeing more brown growing out and the blonde is becoming more dull.

brighten blonde higlights

As you know from this post here, I also have micro-bead hair extensions, so I have to be careful what I use on the extensions to keep up the integrity. The Klorane Blond Highlights line is

 formulated without sulfate, bleaching agents, or parabens, so it’s completely safe for the extensions and also so gentle and respectful of my own hair. They’ve added in chamomile and honey for the lightening/brightening aspect in a natural way; another plus for blondes! 

brighten blonde highlights

Try it out, I’d love to hear what you think. If you have a personal favourite product to brighten blonde highlights, let me know!

Carling Liski xx

*in partnership with KLORANE

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