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Get Holiday Ready With Beach Vacation Prep

I liiive for vacation. Just love it. I’ve been in Hawaii for almost two weeks now spending the days in a bikini on the beach drinking far too many pina coladas (and Corona’s) and eating fresh fish taco’s. LIFE.

Whenever I’m headed on holidays I have a similar routine that I follow for vacation prep ie. to look good, feel good before I go away, especially if I’m going to be in a bikini. This includes nails, hair, upping the workouts, decreasing the pizza and wine consumption, etc. so I’ve put together a list of the things I do for vacation prep and where I go in Toronto to do so.

Vacation Prep With Stunning Nails

This for me is a MUST for my vacation prep list. Mani, pedi and always shellac. I like to have my nails always done just in general, it makes you look more put together, but especially for a hot holiday. I used to be all about the “tropical colours” think sea blue and turquoise, but now I generally stick to OPI’s Bubble Bath (pale pink) or something along those lines. There are a lot of great nail places in Toronto, and I have a few go-to’s depending on how much I want to spend. I have been going to Beauty Line for years at King & Bathurst and they do $20 shellac manis and $30 gel pedis. It’s not a fancy place by any means, but they do a good job and it lasts 2-3 weeks. If you’re looking for more of an experience and a cocktail, then check out Her Majesty’s Pleasure ($48 gel manicure, $65 gel pedicure) or The Ten Spot ($50 gel mani, $70 gel pedi).

vacation prep

Vacation Prep With Better Looking Hair

COLOUR –  I always feel the need to freshen up my highlights before a vacay, also could just be an excuse for a trip to the salon. For everyone asking, I see Colleen at John Steinberg & Associates for my colour. I have been going there for a few years now and have sent a handful of girlfriends there as well (mention me if you go!). This time I booked a week in advance, but I am 100% that person who calls the day before or day of begging to squeeze me in. I don’t often go with an idea in mind, but when I do Colleen is great at combining your vision with her vision.

vacation prep

EXTENSIONS – This time not only did I freshen up my highlights, but I also added in some extensions. For those that don’t know, I wear clip-in extensions from time to time. I wear them to add an inch of length, but mostly to add thickness and volume. I was wondering what I would do for the beach, and decided to try out micro bead hair extensions. I hadn’t heard of it before, but through a recommendation I found Aimee at Wink and Wave TO. She specializes in lash extensions, but also does the micro bead hair extensions. I brought my own clip ins to her (we cut off the clips) and she beaded them in ($60)! They turned out so well! They will last for up to 5-6 weeks, and then you can get them tightened ($40). If you don’t have extensions already, then you can pick them up directly from Wink and Wave. She offers two grades of hair, one that lasts 4 months, and one that lasts 10 months. I could not believe how affordable it was to have them put in, and it’s been great not worrying about having my clip-ins flying out on the beach HA! Check out her instagram here.

vacation prep

Vacation Prep With An Easy and Risk-Free Spray Tan

Yep, I am that person, and I am OK with that for the part of my vacation prep. Over are the days of baking in the sun; wrinkles and skin cancer are not cool. SO instead of obsessing over how long will it take me to get tanned, I go pre-tanned and don’t worry about a thing! Plus it’s so nice going with some colour for when you first put on a bikini. I have tried out 4 different spots in Toronto, and my fav is Schulz Beauty. I get the “Glow on the Go” mainly because I don’t want to sleep in the spray tan, so this is just a quicker version of it. I’ve once done the contouring add-on before Vegas, and she contours your face, abs, legs, it was awesome. I find this tan lasts 1-1.5 weeks depending how often you are in the water.

vacation prep

Vacation Prep With Smooth Waxing

Another obvious. I won’t go into the details of what I get waxed, but I am a Fuzz Faithful member at Fuzz Wax Bar. It’s such a great value – for $35 a month you get 1 brazilian waxing/month plus 15% off other waxing services. There are so many locations across the city which makes it very accessible.

Beyond the beauty and vacation prep, I will also up the workouts and try to limit the junk.

Vacation Prep With Higher Intensity Work Outs

I workout 5 days a week normally, mostly boxing, pilates and weight training, but if I’m going to be on the beach then I will bump it up to 6-9 times a week (yes, that means sometimes 2x a day). I also move more to HIIT training that involves more cardio, and then a second workout of the day would be along the lines of pilates. I feel best after a workout, so this is something I enjoy. My top spots in the city are Studio KO, Big Hit, Studio Lagree, Fit Factory and Elle Fitness – I go to these all through Classpass.

vacation prep

Vacation Prep With A Leaner Diet

I totally believe in balance when it comes to a vacation prep, so I generally will not deny myself from much on the day-to-day. Sometimes I want a salad or green juice, and sometimes I want pizza and cookies, so ya I’ll indulge. I eat relatively healthy Monday-Friday, so it’s the weekends that get me, especially after having one-too many glasses of wine, the next day I am an endless pit. SO if I’m going to be in a bikini, then ya I cut back on the crap and try to eat as ‘clean’ as possible. While I try to do this 1 month in advance for my vacation prep, this time was more like 2 weeks…the days crept up on me. I also try to limit the alcohol intake for the few weeks leading up to it. My day is basically egg whites and fruit, or a green smoothie for breakfast, salad w/ protein for lunch, and veggies with protein plus sweet potato or quinoa for dinner. My snacks are usually mixed nuts, rice cakes with PB and honey, or fruit. Oh yes, and popcorn. Basically I try to cut out dairy and limit sugar and carbs.

I have 100% been enjoying myself on vacation now, and have been letting myself indulge, but I still try to work out as much as possible and always eat a healthy breakfast!

Let me know what vacation prep you do or what pre-holiday tips you have!

Carling Liski xx

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